Thank you From John Fleskes

I read a comment from Vanessa Lemon regarding her art making it into Spectrum 26 that inspired this post.

In brief, she let me know that when she thanks us it is while using the broadest brush in her studio. Vanessa’s sentiment really stuck with me as a huge heartfelt thank you. I’m not fishing for compliments here, but it really does feel good when people share their appreciation for our efforts. What we do here is hard, and a lot of work. I also know what all of you artists do is hard, and a lot of work. I feel we are all on this together to support and nurture one another so that we can push through and make good things happen.

I hope Vanessa doesn’t mind, because I would like to borrow her broad big brush and extend the largest most heartfelt congratulations to everyone who made it into Spectrum 26. I also want to use this same brush to give an equal thank you to everyone who submitted.

I’ve been posting a lot of “thank you” and “congratulations” comments over these last 3-4 days when people share their enthusiasm for getting in. I do this because, I really want everyone to know just how much it means to me when they participate in Spectrum.

Kathy is amazing while emailing everyone and following up with the artists who are in Spectrum 26. She spends about 6 full days dedicated to emails once the artist list has been posted. Spectrum is a massive undertaking that requires an unbelievable amount of time and dedication. I’m so lucky to have Kathy here to help with Spectrum. There’s no way I could do this alone. I need her and I need all of you, because nothing good can happen without the help of others.

My main point to this post is that I feel grateful to you all. And I hope that when I write a “Thank you” or “Congratulations” on your thread, that it comes with as large of a broad brush stroke as can be made.

(Thanks for the inspiration Vanessa.)



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