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For twenty-one years the Spectrum annual has been a showcase for the best and brightest creators of fantastic art from around the globe: it serves as an invaluable resource book for art directors, art buyers, publishers, and agents world-wide-hundreds of copies are sent out gratis with the intent of generating additional work and exposure for the artists selected for inclusion in the annual. The circulation of Spectrum far exceeds those of other annuals and resource books; we deliberately maintain a price that makes it affordable for every budget. Our purpose and singular agenda is the promotion of the art and artists. We believe that Spectrum functions as a cost-efficient promotional forum and provides a bridge between creator, client, and aficionado as well. Spectrum is all about facilitating opportunities for creators, about growing the audience for imaginative work in all its forms, without pretension and without prejudice.

The largest of this field's competitions is also the toughest to make; the act of entering art does not guarantee inclusion in the book. Not everyone gets in. The "excellence bar" is raised every year: the job of the jury to make selections gets increasingly difficult. Not being selected is not a personal criticism of the artist, but having your work chosen by the judges is of significance. Join with us to help celebrate twenty-one years by making this volume the best yet: considering the excellence of the work in the previous twenty books, it will be no small task, but we’re confident you all can do it.

Entry Details

Spectrum 22

Call for Entries for Spectrum 22 opens on October 15, 2014. This is an invitation to all professional and student artists, art directors, publishers and artist representatives to submit entries to the 22nd Annual Spectrum International Competition for Fantastic Art. All art works in all mediums embracing the themes of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and the surreal are eligible for this show. Fantastic Art can be subtle or obvious, traditional or off-the-wall, painted, sculpted, done digitally or photographed: there is no unacceptable way to create art and there are no set rules that say one piece qualifies while another does not. Imagination and skill are what matters. Work chosen by the jury will be printed in full color in the Spectrum annual, the peer-selected "best of the year" collection for the fantastic arts.


Any published or unpublished art may be submitted in the appropriate category. Work must have been finished or first published between January 1, 2013 and January 1, 2015.

The Basics

Do not submit original art for judging: entry material submitted to the jury will not be returned. The jury will select works from the entries for inclusion in the Spectrum annual; the act of entering art in the competition does not guarantee inclusion in the book. If your entry is accepted, be certain that a reproduction-quality digital file (400dpi, tiff file at 9" wide x 12" tall) is available to insure the entry’s inclusion in the Spectrum annual. Failure to provide reproduction-quality material by the deadline given in an acceptance letter will cause an otherwise accepted entry to be excluded from the book.

The appropriate fee must accompany the entry and the entry forms must be filled out legibly (information for the book and for correspondence will be drawn from the entry forms). The person submitting work for this competition warrants that they are the copyright holder or has the permission of the copyright holder to enter said work and by so doing grant permission for publication in the Spectrum annual and in the promotion of same. No other rights, either for print or electronic mediums, are granted to Spectrum and copyrights will be acknowledged to the respective copyright holders within the content of the Spectrum annual.

Entry Fees

One "A" Form and the entry fees must accompany your total package of entries. (A "B" Form must be taped to the back of each entry, but only one "A" Form needs to accompany each participant's entries.) Single entry fee is $20.00 per work. Series (5 related pieces or less) entry fee is $40.00. Note that the Series Entry Fee is a price break for related works only (i.e. multiple illustrations for a book, pieces in an advertising campaign, pages from a comic story, works for a themed gallery show, etc.): The jury may select any art they deem worthy and are not obligated to select all works from a Series entry.

All checks must be made payable to Flesk Publications. Entry fees for both domestic and overseas entrants may be paid with a Visa, American Express, Mastercard, or bank debit cards by providing the appropriate information (#, expiration date, signature, etc.) in the designated spot on the entry form. The billing address of the card holder must be provided on the form. Foreign entrants may send an international money order or a check in U.S. funds drafted on a U.S. bank. We do not accept bank transfers.

There are NO additional fees or charges.

Deadline For Entries

Entries must be postmarked, prepaid, with all appropriate forms and entry fees and sent to Flesk Publications / Spectrum Fantastic Art, 1769 Hillsdale Ave. #54044, San Jose, CA 95154, U.S.A. 408-206-2346 [for Express Mail, UPS, Federal Express, etc., please check the "No Signature Required" option] no later than January 25, 2015. The judging will take place shortly after the deadline.

Notification For Accepted Work

Only entrants whose works are selected by the jury for inclusion in the annual will be notified by mail in the U.S.A, and by email for international entrants, in April, 2015 with additional information regarding what we'll need for the book. A list of accepted entrants will also be posted on the Spectrum website: Please check to see if your name is on the list before contacting us to ask if you made it. We will not otherwise be notifying entrants that did not have work selected: only artists with work selected by the jury for inclusion in the annual will have their names listed on the website and will be notified by mail or email.


All entries will be divided into eight major categories: the jury will judge each category objectively, keeping in mind the work's intent and purpose in their decisions. Black and white, limited color, and full color works will be considered equitably. Each entrant is responsible for placing their work in the appropriate category by writing one of the following codes in the designated box on Form "B." Each entry form must be filled out completely. One "A" form per entrant and a "B" form for each piece of art must accompany your entries. Each form must be filled out completely and legibly. Ask if you're not sure what category to place your entry in.


For single entries use code A/1. For series entries use code A/2. Suggested entries include art for newspapers and magazines, posters for films, TV, and publications, packaging for video and music products, brochures, billboards, and POP displays.


For single entries use code B/1. For series entries use code B/2. Suggested entries include art appearing inside and on the covers of all hardbound and paperback books, including children's books. No complete books will be judged as a single entry: multiple pieces from a book should be entered as a "series."

Comics/Graphic Novels

For single entries use code C/1. For series entries use code C/2. Suggested entries include covers and individual pages from adult and children comics and graphic novels.

No complete comics will be judged as a single entry. Do not submit work featuring license-protected comics characters without the permission of said character's copyright holder.

Concept Art

For single entries use code CA/1. For series entries use code CA/2. Suggested entries include work created for films, TV programs, theater, and video games. Do not submit work that is license-protected without the permission of the proper copyright holder. 2 YEAR TIME-WINDOW FOR THIS CATEGORY: Art can have been created between 1/1/12—1/1/14.


For single entries use code D/1. For series entries use code D/2. Suggested entries include sculptures created for model kits, collectibles, editorial, and fine art. A maximum of 3 photos of a single entry (to show detail) may be sent for no additional fee.


For single entries use code E/1. For series entries use code E/2. Suggested entries include all art appearing in magazines or newspapers-including spot art, political, and humorous works-or on television news or "magazine" programs.


For single entries use code I/1. For series entries use code I/2. Suggested entries include art appearing in connection with announcements, annual reports, calendars, greeting cards, prints, portfolios, posters, plates, website graphics, collectibles, promotional directories and self-promotion mailers, and any other venues not obviously covered by the other categories.


For single entries use code U/1. For series entries use code U/2. Suggested entries include art created for portfolios, student work, gallery shows, experimental studies, speculative assignments, and ongoing projects for work to be published at a future date.

Submission Technical Guidelines

Give your work a fair chance at being selected for inclusion in the book. Try to submit the best quality representation of your art possible. No, don't spend an arm and a leg on color-corrected prints, but DO make sure the submission is in focus, isn't the size of a postage stamp, and doesn't look like it was photographed in the fog.

Entries are NOT pre-screened: ALL entries will be reviewed by the jury.

Submission Guidelines

Print Submissions: Submit proofs, tearsheets, color photographic prints, clear photo copies, laser prints, or other reasonably high-resolution computer-generated print. Recommended sizes are no smaller than 8.5" x 11" and no larger than 12" x 18" although all sizes are accepted. No original art, slides, or transparencies will be accepted for judging. Do not submit complete books, comics, graphic novels, or articles as a single entry. One Form "A" should accompany your entries. A Form "B" (or a facsimile) must be taped to the back of each entry. If the entry is part of a series, a Form "B" must be taped to the back of each piece. If accepted, a copy of the art will be sent to you. Credits for the Spectrum annual will be taken from Forms "A" and "B": spelling, credits and addresses must be complete and legible.

Digital Submissions: Visit to enter your submission online and for digital file specifications.

Spectrum Twenty-Second Annual Book

Each accepted entry will be reproduced in full color and given complete credit in the twenty-second Spectrum annual; the contact information for the artist or their agent/representative will be printed in the artist index. The person who has submitted an accepted entry will receive a complimentary copy of the annual. International residents are required to pay shipping. Tear sheets are not available. Additional copies may be purchased at a discount.