Meet the Spectrum 25 Judges

Terry Dodson

Oregon-based Terry Dodson has been a professional artist since 1993. He has worked on such comics and characters as Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Superman, Wonder Woman, the X-Men, Harry Potter, and the Avengers. His clients include Lucasfilm, Riot Games, Hasbro, Mattel, DC Entertainment, Warner Brothers, ESPN, Electronic Arts, Hanna-Barbara, Marvel Entertainment, Sideshow Collectibles and many more. Terry is currently working on his own graphic novel series Red One with writer Xavier Dorison from Image Comics, and the upcoming Adventureman! with writer Matt Fraction. Dodson remains a popular artist in the industry, a status he attributes in large part to the contributions of his wife, Rachel, who adds her masterly inking to his work.

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Tyler Jacobson

Tyler Jacobson is an illustrator working out of the Pacific Northwest. He graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA in 2009 with an degree in Illustration. Having always been driven towards sci-fi fantasy art he soon began working for the game industry as a freelance artist. He's been creating card illustrations and concept art for Magic the Gathering since 2012, and illustration and concept art for Dungeons and Dragons since 2009. Over the years he has painted illustrations for various companies and publishers including: Paizo Publishing, Texas Monthly, Marvel Entertainment, Adult Swim, Konami, The Penguin Group, Rolling Stone Magazine, Toyota, Men's Journal, Tor Books, Scientific American, Entertainment Weekly, The New Yorker, Sports Illustrated. Previous awards include Spectrum 19 Gold Award for Advertising, Spectrum 23 Gold Award for Institutional, Society of Illustrators LA Illustration West 52 Silver Award for Book Cover as well as The Joseph Morgan Henninger Award for Best in Show.

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Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen is a Georgia-based gallery artist and freelance illustrator. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States, she is fascinated with creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle, exploring the mind's landscape. Her paintings are created with a soft, delicate quality using colored pencil and acrylic on paper.

Nguyen has worked for clients including Tiger Beer, Smithsonian magazine, VH1, World Wildlife Fund, and has showcased with galleries across the world. She is currently represented by Richard Solomon and Thinkspace gallery.

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Karla Ortiz

Karla Ortiz is an internationally recognized award-winning artist. With her exceptional design sense, realistic renders, and character-driven narratives, Karla has contributed to many big budget films, including Jurassic World, World of Warcraft, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Marvel's Thor 3, Black Panther, and most notably her design of Doctor Strange for Marvel's Doctor Strange. Karla's work is also recognized in the fine art world, showcasing her figurative and mysterious art in notable galleries, such as Spoke Art, Hashimoto Contemporary, Nucleus Gallery, Thinkspace and Arludik in Paris. She currently lives in San Francisco with her cat, Bady.

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Charles S. Pyle

Charles S. Pyle is a native Californian who lives in Sonoma County. 'Chuck' began drawing at an early age and still remembers fondly the unique aroma of warm crayons and manila paper.

His realistic style is inspired by the likes of Norman Rockwell, NC Wyeth, and John Singer Sargent. Chuck's paintings have been widely exhibited and are part of many private and institutional collections. He has been commissioned to create illustrations, paintings and cartoons for clients and executives of AT&T, Sun Microsystems, United Airlines, Viansa Winery, United States Air Force, National Park Service, Nisshin Foods of Japan, Penguin Books, Hardcase Crime, Seattle Opera, Chicago Museum of Science and Technology, Saturday Evening Post, New York Times, Politico, Atlantic Monthly, and Boston Globe. He is represented in New York by Lindgren and Smith and in the Bay Area by Linda Demoreta.

As a founding participant in Sonoma Plein Air and Telluride Plein Air, Chuck actively promotes outdoor painting, and has taught plein air painting in Umbria and Florence for the Academy of Art University.

Chuck is currently the Director of the School of Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he is a recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award, and was awarded the Distinguished Educator in The Arts Award by the Society of Illustrators in 2015. He teaches drawing, illustration, and mentors the next generation of artists and visual storytellers. In 2017, the Academy of Art University honored him with an honorary doctorate He has been a Petaluman since 1989 and is married to Tina Hittenberger. Chuck is proud 'Bonus Dad' to her two children, Clarke, and Lauren.

As a founding participant in Sonoma Plein Air and Telluride Plein Air, Chuck actively promotes outdoor painting, and has taught plein air painting in Umbria and Florence for the Academy of Art University.

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