Meet the Spectrum 27 Judges

Alice A. Carter

Alice A. Carter is co-founder and Professor Emeritus of San Jose State University's award-winning Animation/Illustration program. She is the former Co-Director of Education at the Walt Disney Family Museum, and currently President of the Board of Trustees at the Norman Rockwell Museum as well as visiting faculty for the University of Hartford's low residency MFA in Illustration. Carter earned her BFA at the University of the Arts and her Masters degree at Stanford University. Academic honors include San Jose State's Outstanding Professor award, a Fulbright Fellowship in Cairo Egypt, the New York Society of Illustrator's Distinguished Educator in the Arts award, and the Umhoefer Prize for Achievement in the Humanities.

Carter's illustration clients have included LucasFilm Ltd., Rolling Stone magazine, The New York Times, and ABC Television. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the country, including the New York Society of Illustrators' Museum of American Illustration, The Norman Rockwell Museum, the Art Institute of Houston, and the New Britain Museum.

Carter's publications include, The Art of National Geographic: One Hundred Years of Illustration; The Red Rose Girls: An Uncommon Story of Art and Love; The Essential Thomas Eakins; and Cecilia Beaux: A Modern Painter in The Gilded Age. Ms. Carter has curated exhibitions at the Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia, The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and The Society of Illustrators' Museum of American Illustration in New York City.

Carter is a member of the Hall of Fame Committee at the New York Society of Illustrators and has been active on the Advisory Board of Spectrum Fantastic Art and the CSU Entertainment Advisory Council.

Craig Elliott

Craig Elliott received his education at the famed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and studied under artists such as Harry Carmean and Burne Hogarth. Craig's carefully crafted and arresting images of nature and the human form have captivated audiences with their visual and intellectual celebration of the beauty in this world and beyond. In addition to his fine art work, Craig has had a hand in designing many of today's most popular animated films from studios such as Disney and Dreamworks. A multi-faceted artist, he is also an accomplished landscape architect, sculptor and most recently, jewelry designer and blacksmith, and maquette and figurine sculptor and painter.

After attending Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, he began illustrating for various clients and started working full time in the animation industry. He has worked for companies such as Disney and Dreamworks, designing their animated films such as Hercules, Mulan, The Emperor's New Groove, Treasure Planet, Shark Tale, Flushed Away, Bee Movie, and Enchanted, Monsters vs. Aliens, and The Princess and the Frog. Other studios Craig has worked for other studios such as Warner Brothers, Illumination, Sony Pictures Animation, Marza, Blue Sky, Henson Studios, Paramount Nickelodeon and many more. Craig has also done fully painted comic book and cover artwork for Dark Horse Comics, World of Warcraft Trading cards, Illustrations for the 5th editor Dungeons and Dragons books, and more. Publishing is another interest of Craig's and he has published 5 book on his own thus far. He also loves to teach, and has taught for Art Center College of Design, Gnomon, Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, Artstation and has created four long tutorials of his own process and techniques. Most recently, Craig has worked as an Art Director for Duncan animation studios, and Sideshow Collectables and as a Production Designer for Sony Pictures Animation, Aquamen Entertainment and Marza/Toei. Craig Is currently working for Henson Studios on a new film as well as putting together several shows of his own in hopes of working on them for Disney or Nextflix among others. Photograph by Greg Preston.

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Anthony Francisco

Anthony Francisco has been a concept artist and an art director for films and videogames for eighteen years. He is currently the Senior Visual Development Concept Illustrator at Marvel Studios. Francisco helps with designing the heroes and villains for the Marvel cinematic universe. He was fortunate enough to have designed one of Marvel's most beloved characters for the big screen: Baby Groot! His other iconic characters include Loki for Thor: Ragnarok and the costumes for the Dora Milaje (Okoye and Nakia) for Black Panther. Francisco also has worked on all three volumes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War, Antman, Antman and the Wasp, and Doctor Strange.

Learn more about Anthony and view samples of his work at @anthony_francisco_art

Courtney Granner

Courtney Granner is the co-founder and Professor Emeritus of San Jose State University's award-wining Animation/Illustration program as well as the former Co-Director of Education at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Granner completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Western Kentucky University, post-undergraduate study at The Art Institute of Boston, and earned a Master of Arts degree from Syracuse University. Academic honors include the School of Humanities and the Arts Teaching Innovation Award and a Fulbright Fellowship in Cairo, Egypt.

In tandem with his teaching assignment, Granner has maintained an active professional career, first as a video game designer at Atari, then as an editorial art director, and more recently as a noted illustrator whose list of clients have included the Chronicle of Higher Education, New York Times, Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Business Week, United Airlines, American Airlines, IBM, Kiplinger's, Reader's Digest, and the New Yorker. His illustrations have garnered recognition from the Communications Arts Art Annual, the Print Regional Design Annual, the New York Society of Illustrators, the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators, and the San Francisco Society of Illustrators.

Granner's artwork has been represented in shows around the country, including exhibitions at the New York Society's of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge Massachusetts, the Delaware Museum of Art, and Brigham Young University.

Granner has served as a member of the CSU's Entertainment Alliance Advisory Council, a group that connects 180 departments in 23 Cal State campuses to unique educational opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Forest Rogers

Forest Rogers, child of two painters, has been a professional artist all of her adult life. She received a BFA in Stage Design and an MFA in Costume Design from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Forest applied her studies to an eclectic series of projects, working with paleontologists to produce dinosaur model prototypes and other nature-related toys, painting liturgical murals, and designing embarrassing giftware. She joined the National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA), which helped inspired her adventure in mixed-media sculpture. For the last fifteen years, she has focused on her own art, which has been fortunate enough to win three Spectrum Gold awards and three Chesley Awards in dimensional categories, as well as an Infected By Art Grand Prize and other mighty nice things. Her works are in many private collections and appear in numerous books and magazines. Forest plans to do her best-yet work in years to come, striking a blow for ancient persons everywhere.

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Chie Yoshii

Chie Yoshii's oil paintings explore timeless psychological themes with a contrasting mix of techniques and styles.

On the one hand, the brushstrokes and the luminosity of her panels are reminiscent of traditional Flemish paintings, in which the details, the quality of shading, and the softness of each character's complexion are presented in a masterly manner. On the other hand, the subtle symbolism and compelling presence of the figures bring an unexpected air of accessible modernity.

Much of her work is inspired by the relationship between human psychology and mythical archetypes. The enduring themes are woven into surrealities filled with symbols and visual narratives. The enigmatic images embody contradicting elements such as novelty and nostalgia, innocence and sensuality, and strength and fragility, mirroring the complexity of our psyche.

Chie Yoshii was born in year 1974 in Kochi, Japan. She moved to the US to complete her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art in 2000 and studied with a realist painter Adrian Gottlieb from 2002 to 2008. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries worldwide, including Dorothy Circus Gallery in Italy, Urban Nation in Germany, Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, and William Baczek Fine Arts in Northampton, MA. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

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