Privacy Policy

Spectrum Fantastic Art will respect your privacy. It is our policy to make your interactions with us as safe and straight-forward.

Your Information

We will never share your name, address, email or phone number with anyone. Period.

We will only use your contact information under two circumstances: As a means of notifying you for accepted work into Spectrum, getting your books to you, and to send you our newsletter and/or Call for Entries, if you'd like us to do so. Every newsletter we send will include a no-fuss "unsubscribe" link at the bottom, should you care to opt out at any time.

Your Credit Card

We will not save or in any way store your credit card information. It is used to process a single transaction between your financial institution and ours.

Your Artwork Submissions

We will not share, post online or distribute your digital artwork submissions whatsoever in any way. Your submissions will only be used for the internal Spectrum use in preparation for the viewing by the jury during the Spectrum judging event. Accepted artwork will be used as is defined by the Spectrum Fantastic Art rules for inclusion in the annual. All artwork that is not accepted will be deleted from our hard drives for digital submissions and shredded for print submissions.

Our Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are temporarily saved on your computer, so that websites can chat with your computer without anyone getting confused. Flesk's cookies allow you to browse around the site without things being deleted from your shopping cart. Our cookies do not store any personal data.