Upload requirements

These will be viewed on large monitors by the judges. Be sure to submit clear, non-pixelated images.

  • Resolution:
  • 72dpi
  • Format:
  • JPG
  • Dimensions:
  • 2000px Max width/height
  • File Size:
  • 10MB Max

File Upload

Submit your art by using the area below. To guarantee we match your artwork with your submission, your file must be named by the artist name and title:

Example: FirstName-LastName-Title.jpg

Please omit any special characters from the filename. An Example includes apostrophes ('). Special characters cause the files to become unreadable.

Drag your images from your computer to the area below or click on the area to bring up a upload window. If a check mark is shown next to the image, your file has been successfully uploaded. When finished uploading your images, click the continue button.