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Tribes of Kai! A simple spark sets in motion a power struggle ablaze in conflict. Fully painted by Daren Bader and written by Lance HaunRogue! Tribes of Kai is an oversized, full-color hardbound book boasting sixty exciting pages of story and pinups by top creators including Frank Cho, Dave Palumbo, plus Julie Bell and Boris Vallejo. Trade and Deluxe Limited editions will be available in August, 2015 from Flesk Publications. Pre-order through the Flesk Kickstarter campaign and get free bonus items.

Steve Rude visited our Flesk offices in Santa Cruz, California on February 19th to work with us on his new book, The Nexus Chronicles. This new collection assembles eight of Steve's favorite Nexus creations scanned direct from the original art. This 304 page book comes out this fall. For now, you can watch Steve provide a drawing demonstration of Nexus in his sketchbook.

In this video Jeffrey Alan Love provides an engaging art demonstration showcasing his working methods. Most impressive is Jeff's confidence and dynamic energy while the painting emerges. This was filmed at the Flesk offices on January 21, 2015 in Santa Cruz, CA.

Jeffrey Alan Love visited the Flesk offices on January 21, 2015 in Santa Cruz, CA. He brought a few dozen of his latest originals to share with us including assignments done for Tor, pages from his personal unpublished graphic novel and more. This video captures Jeff as he gives us an overview of his latest works.

Jeffrey Alan Love opens up about his past and how he went from an unknown new artist to becoming someone who is constantly in demand by clients such as Tor. Jeff shares his philosophy about art while giving us insight into his unique and highly individualized work. This was filmed at the Flesk offices in Santa Cruz, California on January 21, 2015.

Gary Gianni talks about what Spectrum Fantastic Art means to him and provides advice to students.

Frank Cho draws his Savage Beauty artwork used for one of the gatefolds in Drawing Beautiful Women: the Frank Cho Method available from Flesk Publications.

The Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija! Take a journey with the artist and writer Petar Meseldzija, who tells how he was allowed unparalleled access through the Invisible Curtain and into the land of giants. A year in the making, this book’s sixteen paintings and nearly ninety drawings bring to life Petar’s experiences on this journey and secrets uncovered, going back to ancient times. He shares stories of new discoveries that free giants from the murky abyss of myth and a forgotten past. Available summer 2015 from Flesk Publications.

Bill Carman paints at his booth during Comic-Con International in 2011. John Fleskes filmed this segment while asking questions about Carman's methods. The candid interview has been transcribed and posted on the Flesk blog. Read it here!

Part two of the interview with Petar Meseldzija as he talks about technique, and the fields of fine art and illustration. This feature was filmed in his studio in October 2013 by John Fleskes.

Interview with Spectrum award winning artist Petar Meseldzija as he discusses his thirty year career. This 19 minute feature was filmed in his studio in October 2013 by John Fleskes. The Book of Giants by Petar Meseldzija is now available for pre-order from Flesk.

Steve Rude sketching at our Flesk booth during the Rose City Comic Con in September 2014.

Brom, Terry Dodson and Steve Rude met up for two days in Portland, Oregon for the Rose City Comic Con in September 2014. The three artists signed and sketched for fans at our Flesk/Spectrum booth. Watch the video to see some of the action that happened at our booth! Thanks to everyone who visited us!

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